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Why Tennessee?

  • LOCATION: Tennessee is centrally located, giving you access to 75% of the U.S. Population within a day’s drive.
  • TAX: No state income tax. Tennessee also boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the country. No personal property tax and no tax on prescription drugs.
  • FOUR DISTINCT SEASONS: Enjoy four distinct seasons with year-round mild climates. Average temperature is 40 degrees in the winter and 83 for the summers.
  • WORLD CLASS HEALTHCARE: Tennessee offers some of the top rated, highest quality, healthcare facilities in the world. Between Nashville’s Vanderbilt Hospital and Chattanooga’s Erlanger Trauma Unit, it’s hard to beat the quality healthcare Tennessee has to offer.
  • COST OF LIVING: Tennessee has been rated consistently over time as one of the most affordable areas to live and retire in the U.S. According to the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA).
  • PARKS AND RECREATION: Tennessee’s 50+ parks offer hours of incredible and inexpensive entertainment, such as Golf, Hiking, Rafting, Fishing, Dining, Horse Back Riding, etc. These are just a few activities our pristine State Parks have to offer.

Regional Info:
East Tennessee is the scenic crown jewel of the South. It is home to some of the highest mountain peaks and most abundant water sources in the eastern United States. There are very few places in East Tennessee that won’t leave lasting impressions of its scenic beauty along with its great southern charm. Please check out these links for a better feel of Home!

Local Info:
Whether you’re looking to be in the midst of one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee or tucked away in the hills, our local area boasts some of the highest rated places to live. With its centralized location, low cost of living and countless natural amenities come find out why the locals never leave and our newest neighbors are living their dreams!

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