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When it comes to buying land there is a distinct difference between your normal residential Real Estate transaction and the purchasing of raw land. There are several variables that come into play when purchasing raw land that may not be the norm on a residential purchase. Considerations such as soil percolation, an updated boundary survey or being able to locate a viable building site are just a few differences between the two. Most Real Estate professional’s main focus is on properties where an existing structure is already in place. At Volunteer Land Consultants we offer Real Estate services with a main focus on land sales which separates us from your normal Real Estate firm. Our well trained Land Specialist have years of experience when it comes to land transactions. Whether you looking for a small slice of heaven to retire too or a large tract for investment purposes, Volunteer Land Consultants makes your land buying process easy. We pride ourselves in doing most of the leg work on our offered properties, saving you time and money. Add that with our market knowledge and experience and our clients find a strong sense of comfort when purchasing their land through Volunteer Land Consultants.

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